Embracing Opportunity in the Face of Hardship

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

There’s no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on life as we know it. Though this situation has presented challenges for us all, it’s important to recognize the positives and opportunities presented to us in times of hardship. Mandatory social distancing has forced many people to quarantine at home and work remotely, thereby eliminating commutes, extracurricular activities, and social outings and putting extra time into schedules and daily routines.. We should use this time to focus less on the negative and more on the big pictures items, like using this time to work on ourselves, our businesses, and our skillsets. As an entrepreneur, business leader or organization leader you know your time is valuable - so why not use this gift of additional time to your advantage? It’s time to “Double Down on Yourself,” and focus on elevating your skills and expanding your knowledge.

Promoting Productivity Through Remote Work

These times have encouraged us to adapt and implement new forms of communication in our everyday remote work routine. We may have not necessarily had a choice in the matter of utilizing new technology to communicate with our teams, but it is proving to be a viable tool to complete team projects, connect with clients, and more. Instead of abandoning the use of video chats when the stay at home orders are lifted, why not consider how this could be a useful tool utilized elsewhere in your business? Now that your business is using this technology effectively, now could be the time to explore hiring remote employees. Starting or expanding your remote workforce within your business or organization could potentially have a positive effect on overall talent retention, as most entering the workforce and currently employed are looking for flexibility in the work place. From reduced commute times to increased productivity, working remotely can provide employees with an ideal work/life balance. Don’t just think of these modes of communication as a band-aid fixes - think of them as opportunities to reframe your business’s overall efficiency.

Expand Your Business's Modes of Communication

Maybe at this time you find yourself examining how you communicate with your customers or clients. Are you utilizing social media, e-mail blasts, optimized website content or videos? All of these marketing tools require well thought-out strategies and can help support your business goals. Take the time to research social media strategy, SEO for your website, and how to utilize e-mail blasts and video content to effectively speak to your client’s needs and address potential client’s questions. If you are ahead of the game and have a strong marketing plan in place, utilize this time to fine-tune your processes. Communication efforts during this time have surely tested most of our marketing abilities and there is always room for advancement.

Now is the time to develop new skills and advance your current skillsets on an individual basis and as a team. The educational opportunities for you and your team are endless. So how will you leverage this extra time that you have been given? Let us know what opportunities you are embracing during this time.

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