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Solutions designed for businesses and organizations that focuses on the implementation of technology to streamline processes in order to free up time and to have the ability to access real time financial data.  Our solutions are customized to meet the needs of our clients in order to provide value. We offer a variety of solutions to suit every need.



The most important step in the process is our initial client assessment where we meet with you to understand your organization, goals and values to prepare a recommendation that is aligned with these three things. We will gain an understanding of your organization and industry followed by an understanding of your current accounting function. From there we will analyze our results to create a recommendation for solutions.

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We understand that change can be hard. Our Virtual Accountant introduces organizations to outsourced accounting solutions by allowing them to outsource a specific function of their accounting process. The most common outsourced accounting functions are payroll, receivables, and payables. This package allows organizations to outsource and automate a function of their accounting process to a knowledgeable and experienced CPA led team, who will use state of the art cloud- based technology to improve operational efficiency.


The advances in cloud- based technology over the past 10 years have changed the way organizations manage their accounting function. The Virtual Controller package introduces organizations to the most current cloud- based technologies to allow them to automate and streamline their entire accounting function. In addition to the services offered in the Virtual Accountant package, we will present offer further possibilities options for the automation of functions such as, inventory, timekeeping, expense reimbursements, and credit card capturing. 



This all-inclusive package provides immediate value and operational efficiency to any organization. Our Virtual CFO package offers organizations a data driven business advisor and confidant that will provide a better understanding of the financial operation of the organization. With this package, we work with our clients to develop internal KPI’s and bench marking that provides a real  time look at the financial performance of your business or organization.  We believe that being able to have a real  time look at your organization’s financial performance will lead to the development of efficient and effective strategies to grow your organization.  In addition to the services included in our Controller and Accountant packages, the Virtual CFO package offers organizations services such as internal control analysis and streamline for operational efficiency, budget preparation and analysis, profitability analysis, and tax planning.


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